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What is Ecotile?

Ecotile is an industrial flooring solution that can be installed with no downtime. Ideal for hard working businesses, Ecotile Flooring Ltd is an ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certified British company.

Unlike epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, floor paint and traditional industrial flooring, Ecotile can be laid directly over almost any hard surface. Cracking, brittle and damaged resin flooring, paint delamination, dust, dirt, damp or contamination problems are all eliminated in a quick and simple Ecotile flooring solution.

 We leave you with a warm, dust free, easy-to-maintain and (above all) a tough flooring solution; powering your business from the ground up for many years to come.


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"We have been extremely happy with our Ecotiles, they are very hardwearing and durable and have provided us with a safe low maintenance floor for many years. Our products can be sensitive to dust and Ecotile eliminated that problem for us. When the time comes we expect to sell back our old tiles to Ecotile to offset the cost of a new floor from them."
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Where can I use Ecotile?

  • Warehouses / Distribution Centers
  • Factories & Manufacturing Plants
  • Hotels
  • Sports Courts
  • Shopping Centers & Stores
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Swimming Pools & Changing Rooms
  • ESD & Anti-static Areas
  • Storage Rooms
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Garages & Workshops

Why Choose Ecotile?

Cost Effective

Invest in a significant reduction in the time and labour involved in cleaning and repairing your floor. With a longer life-span and less maintenance required, our tiles are a very cost effective option.

Safety & Environment

With Ecotile you can reduce noise levels by up to 46db, reduce worker fatigue and improve anti-slip properties. Ecotile is 100% recyclable - Zero VOC emissions and Zero to Landfill.

Hassle Free

Ecotile can be laid over damaged, damp, uneven and contaminated floors with minimal preparation to the substrate. There are no curing times; just lay the tiles while you continue to work.

Tried & Trusted

Ecotile have worked with some of the biggest blue chip companies including Rolls Royce, Boeing, BMW, and Adidas. We have over three hundred 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot.

Technically Better

Ecotile is one of the only flooring products that is made with REACH compliant PVC. The material we use has exceptional wear characteristics, chemical resistance and electrical properties.​

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Utilise colours and floor markings to create safe zones and quality control areas. Unlike painted markings, the colour of our tiles will never fade and will always retain their safety properties.

Middle East, Africa & Asia

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